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Answers to your questions

We answer the most common questions regarding CityGate here.

Questions regarding the superstructure

When are the houses ready for occupancy?

Current stand:
House A – Forestside: as of 01.09.2020
House B – the Monolith: as of 01.10.2020

Despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus, no further construction delays are to be expected and the rental contracts can be prepared and sent for rental commencing on September 1/ October 1, 2020. To ensure that the move-in date can be planned well in advance, Adimmo will assign the exact move-in dates which can already be booked today.

What type of heating has been installed?

District heating.

Is there a water softening plant?


Is there a charging station for electric cars?

An electric car charging station is currently still under investigation. As soon as these are completed, we will report more about it.

When will the on-site Mobility Station be available for use?

The Mobility-Station will be ready by November 2020.

How big are the elevators?

House A – Forestside: 110 x 140 x 220 cm
House B – the Monolith: 110 x 210 x 220 cm

Questions regarding the studios

Are the slat blinds across the entire window?

Yes, they are also electric.

Are there curtain rails?


How much outside space is available in front of the entrance?

It has enough space for a table and two chairs. These may also be left outside.

Is there a tilting window?


Is there a washing tower?

Yes, there is a combined appliance (washing machine and dryer) in the bathroom.

Questions regarding the flats

Is glass fiber available?

Yes. You may choose the operator of your preference.

Are the sun blinds electronic or manual?

The sun blinds of the loggias are manual.

What kind of ventilation is there in the flats?

Aumatic ventilation.

Questions regarding the details of the contracts

What are the cancellation terms and conditions at CityGate?

Fixed rent for 1 year, thereafter 3 months notice period.

The rental agreement is concluded for a period of one year (from the start of the rental period), fixed and non-terminable. After expiry of the fixed contract period, the rental contract is valid for an indefinite period and can be terminated by registered letter in compliance with the fixed periods and dates (3 months to the end of each month except December).

What is an optional lease?

The rental agreement is based on the index.

It is an optional rental agreement, i.e. the rent is based on the index and not on the reference interest rate. Adjustments to the rent are lower for the index than for the reference rate. If adjustments are made, they take effect on 1 January of the following year.

How much is the bail?

3 gross rent – you can choose between the deposit account or insurance through First Caution.

When will I receive the keys to the apartment?

A few days before the start of the rental period, after consultation with the administration.

Each rental party is allowed half a day for the removal, so that there is enough space for the removal van in front of the entrance and the lift for use.

You can reserve an appointment via the CityGate app or in consultation with the administration.


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